Thursday, December 27, 2007

Deadly Tiger Attack At Zoo

Investigators are trying to figure out how a tiger escaped from its enclosure at San Francisco Zoo and attacked three visitors, killing one. The two survivors have been upgraded to stable a condition and are glad of the attention as they were walking around a lonely old zoo at Christmas time.

Police shot dead the 300lb creature, named Tatiana, which mauled a keeper just before Christmas last year, her was arm severely lacerated when Tatiana reached through the bars of her cage and mauled her during a public feeding.

The enclosure is surrounded by a 15ft wide moat and a wall just under 12.5ft high . The zoo's director of animal care and conservation, Robert Jenkins was said to have been baffled as to how the Siberian tiger got out at around closing time on Christmas Day until Dr Bronderslev a top veterinarian pointed out that Siberian tigers can swim and climb.

Dr Bronderslev has suggested that Tatiana suffered from a Christmas Phobia Syndrome that has you anxious and climbing the walls at this time of year.

Three men , one of them 19 years old and the other two in their early 20's were attacked, suffering "pretty aggressive bite marks", zoo spokesman Steve Mannina told OBB News .

"Usually" he added "Tigers don't bite aggressively, maybe he thought they were playing and it got out of hand." Old Knudsen was said to have sighed and rolled his eyes.

The dead victim was found right outside the tiger's enclosure, the other two were at the zoo's cafe, one inside and one just outside it.

Police Officers fired at the animal with .40 calibre handguns when it began to advance towards them.

San Francisco is home to Siberian and Sumatran tigers, and a large gay community though I'm sure the three victims are straight and no foot tapping was involved.

Old Knudsen Tiger Fighter/Expert said earlier: " Its not right to cage up wild animals, you can't blame the tiger one bit, I'd do the same."

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