Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Tragedy In Brazil

Rio De Janeiro , Brazil . A helicopter carrying Santa to a children's party was mistaken for a police helicopter by drug traffickers in one of Rio's slums. They opened fire on the helicopter shooting it down.

Santa was flying to a party in the Nova Mare slum and was shot down as it flew over the neighbouring Vila Joao shantytown.
One of the elves who came down from the North pole to identify the body went to Nova Mare by car to distribute Christmas presents.

Santa started using a helicopter as Vixen, Comet and Donner died from Foot and mouth disease earlier this year.

Most of Rio's 700 plus slums are controlled by drug traffickers and are not patrolled by the police, who instead go into the slums in military-style raids, often using helicopters and armored vehicles.

Alabaster Snowball the Administrator of the Naughty & Nice list said, " Killing Santa? that really cobs my corn, those naughty little boys will not be getting their special Christmas shipment this year.
I just want to assure children all over the world that you will get your presents as the April Fool has kindly volunteered to stand in this year but as we'll be under more pressure than usual and so the 'nice' criteria will be a little more strict so expect more lumps of coal being handed out and try to be better behaved for next year."

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Primal Sneeze said...

Ah bolloxs! So I bought the kids all those presents needlessly. Well next year I'll just bring them to see Santa's grave.