Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fears Grow For Missing Girl

Karen Foray an 8 year old girl from the town of Rock bottom was abducted yesterday from the local train station. She was seen in the company of a large snowman attempting to buy train tickets to the North pole.

Police suspect the snowman took the girl aboard a refrigerated railway car that was northward bound.
"The extreme cold conditions exacerbates concern for little Karen" said police chief Mulligan. The snowman was seen around town that day talking to many of the local children, he was even observed by a local police officer and evil magician Professor Hinkle .

The professor was questioned for 3 hours before he was released.

The snowman is described as 6 foot tall, wearing an old silk top hat and smoking a corn pipe. He answered to the name Frosty though we think that is just a street name, he may be mentally retarded. He is accompanied by a large white rabbit but the extent of his involvement is not yet known.

Mr and Mrs Foray who had just returned from a weekend skiing to find their little girl that they left safe and sound alone in their home gone said, "we just want her back, this is a total nightmare."

The Foray's are to fly to Chicago to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show to highlight their plight and then they might do Leno afterwards to raise awareness for their "find Karen fund" as they both need new cars and to pay off their mortgage .

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