Monday, December 3, 2007

Man Hacks Off His Own Arm

Sampson Parker, from South Carolina, USA has a hobby farm he works on , when he tried to removed a corn stalk that was stuck in his rusty old harvester his gloved hand got caught in the machinery.

His hand firmly jammed in the rollers and no one about to help he was helpless .

After an hour and a half with he really needed to pee so he pushed an iron rod into the rollers to jam them up and started to cut away his fingers with his penknife.

Mr Parker didn't think his day could get any worse until the iron rod that was grinding in the harvester sparked and started a fire.

"My skin was melting," he said. "Like melting plastic."

So he pissed on the flames and beat them out with his free hand and cut his arm off.

"I just told myself I'm not going to die here."

With his arm free Mr Parker ran to his van and drove to his home just as firefighter Doug Spinks passed by who then performed first aid.

Parker is doing well and said he hadn't felt that much pain since the last time he unjammed his lawn mower and then there was the time he repaired the garbage disposal, he would get a mobile phone for emergencies but has trouble pushing the buttons.

The farmer is to take up a new hobby, chainsaw juggling.

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marky said...

That picture ain't the farmer. Anyway, it's like Aaron Ralston. What an amazing story.