Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mythical Creature Sighted Over Busy Road

A commuter claims to have taken a picture of a creature known as "The Jersey Devil" as it flew over head on his way home from work. The unidentified man who was just outside of the town of
Hammonton described the creature as having "leathery wings and a furry body" he goes on to say, "It turned and locked eyes with me, its eyes glowed like hot coals and then it gave me the finger. I wasn't gonna take that from no mythical beast so I honked my horn and shouted Batman called he wants his nipples back, YOU SUCK!"
The creature then disappeared over the tree line.

The Jersey Devil is said to have been born to a local woman named Mrs. Leeds in an area known as "Leeds Point" sometime during the 1700s, she was tired of being a baby breeding machine and cursed the child.

Other people think the creature is merely one of the inbreed residents of the Pine barrens area, the locals there are known as Pineys and are famous for incest and basket weaving using long pubic hairs braided like robes.


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