Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Major Operation For Three Armed Girl

Little Ren upset at losing her twin. People in the village used to call out, "look here comes Ren and Stumpy."

A little girl nick-named the 'angel with wings' because of a flapping third arm growing out of her back has undergone life or death surgery at a military hospital in Beijing.

A large team of doctors, neuro and plastic surgeons and orthapedic specialists carried out an operation to remove the extra limb from 11-year-old Ren Xin.

The extra arm came from an undeveloped parasitic twin and had its spine fused with Ren Xin's spine. The arm had to be sedated as it wasn't coming off without a fight and it was defiant to the end.

Ren Xin was getting tired of the constant "I've only got one pair of hands" jokes and begged her parents to take her to a doctor to remove the limb.
Since making that decision the arm has punched Ren Xin on the head and flicked her ears, her parents had to strap it down.

Professor Yeqibin one of China's most eminent surgeons said
"This is a very rare case. There are only four cases like this in all of China It's an extremely complex and potentially dangerous operation for the patient only someone with my great skill and genius could pull it off so to speak."

They actually cut it off.

Ren Xin is an outstanding pupil with a childhood dream to become a good doctor so she can make her parents proud, or a ballerina she hasn't quite decided yet.

The Chinese government has since fined Ren's parents for breaking the having more than one child law and if they don't pay they may go to prison.

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