Saturday, December 29, 2007

Large Object Experts Baffled By Large Object

Large object experts are trying to identify a huge metal container that has been washed up on a beach in the Western Isles of Scotland.

The tank, which is 27m high, has no markings and is thought to have fallen from a ship before being washed up west of Benbecula.

Thomas McIntyre discovered it as he walked his dog on Poll Na Crann beach - known locally as Stinky Bay.

"I thought the Martians had landed" said McIntyre, " I was ready to set my dog on them."

The beach was made famous 40 years ago when 102 cases of Whiskey were washed up from the SS Galore when it was wrecked during a storm .

Alasdair MacEachen, assistant director of environmental services at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar told OBB News, " The tank appears empty but glows in the dark, I would advise on lookers to observe at a safe distance as close proximity to the tank may cause drowsiness, vomiting and loss of spine that melts and pours out your anus. Apart from that its totally safe."

Stornoway Coastguard who is down to three staffers due to illness are using two numbers on the container to try to find out where the item has come from. They believe it may be of Sassenach (English) origin and therefore not to be trusted.
The large object was found to be a beer fermentation tank manufactured by German firm, Ziemann, no tanks have been reported missing. Stornoway Coastguard fear this is the start of an invasion by the Germans, who maybe testing their defenses.

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Eddie Waring said...

It's MJ's yeast infection ointment applicator.