Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hollwood Pinup Has Died

Here in a scene from the movie "From here to Abernathy."

Jeanne Carmen, a 1950s pinup and 'B' movie actress who had affairs with Sinatra and other celebrities. Has died aged 77.

She starred in movies such as "Guns Don't Argue" and "The Monster of piedras Blancas" and was also known for her provocative pinup photos.

Born on August 4th, 1930, in Paragould, Arkansas , Carmen picked cotton with her family before running away at 13 to New York where she became a dancer in a Broadway show called "Burlesque."

She later went into modeling, gaining a measure of success with a series of cheesecake and carrot cake shots in men's magazines.

Carmen died of lymphoma Thursday at her Orange County home, California, happily they managed to save the baby.

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