Monday, December 24, 2007

Steve Irwin May Have More To Say

Terri Irwin wife of the late Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin says she is "open" to receiving a message from the spirit of her late husband, when an American psychic medium visits Australia Zoo next month. You can't keep a good man and Steve Irwin was never short of something to say.

International medium John Edward rose to stardom with his television show Crossing Over. He has been a friend of the Irwins for years.

Mrs Irwin aged 43 said she sensed Steve was still with her especially when men try to chat her up and feel as if they have been punched on the back of their head.

Edward will appear in the Sunshine Coast zoo's Crocoseum on January 5 as part of a summer entertainment program.
He can communicate with loved ones who have passed away and has recently found he can also connect with animals. Two things no one can prove otherwise.
Sceptics have been invited to the show so he can fool them with his extra fast talking and guessing at initials and the probing of who has died, an example would be "A message for someone over at this side of the room, I have someone to the side of me which could mean a brother, sister or someone close to you like that, I have a "J" name or it may be "G" or "T" any of that mean anything?" an audience member that it fits raises their hand, "I have my sister June" Edward then evokes some memory from the audience member and then says, "she just wants you to know she is well."

Edward does give peace of mind sometimes if the reading doesn't fit then he says "well that's what I see maybe you've forgotten something" making it look like the audience member is an idiot until they can fit what hes saying rather than going against him on TV.
Old Knudsen the world unfamous psychic said, " I believe John Edward 'is' psychic but I don't believe he is getting messages from the dead. I think he is getting readings off his audience members."

Steve's best friend Wes Mannion has also spoken of a deep connection he still has with Steve. The Irwin family and friends like to think Steve is hanging around the zoo as it gives them peace of mind rather than thinking that Steve himself is at peace.

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