Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Aberdeen And Gomorrah

Former Aberdeen council manager Tom McNeil, 52, is claiming at a tribunal hearing he lost his job after revealing two colleagues were involved sexually.

The then director of leisure, Brian Woodcock, and a female employee were heard having sex behind a partition screen and worse of all it was on a bank holiday weekend, that means they were getting paid double time. Lets hope they put the extra effort in.

Ms Fraser, who worked in Aberdeen City Council's sports and leisure department, said she was in the council's offices with Mr McNeil in 2004 performing dictation when they overheard the intercourse.

She said: "I heard them having sex. I could hear them moaning and groaning and her saying 'pump me daddy pump me' the screen was moving."

"There is no doubt in my mind who was behind that screen or what they were doing."

Ms Fraser, has since left employment with the council.

Mr McNeil told the tribunal that on another occasion he had caught the female employee engaged in a sex act with Mr Woodcock which is his real name and not his porn star name.

He said: "I came into his office and when he turned round and saw me he offered me a cup of tea and a slice of cake, it was a sponge with strawberry jam in the middle, I like cake."

The woman accused of being behind the screen , who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she was given the warning at the start of her career if she wanted to get on in the job she would have to sleep with people.

The manager that made the comment had glanced at Mr McNeil suggesting that he was who she would have to sleep with.

The woman said "she threw up in her mouth" even just thinking about it.

She also claimed that Mr McNeil was a bully and a sexual harasser and had touched her breast.

She said the married McNeil " would regularly comment on female staff members' body parts."

Mr McNeil claimed the woman was promoted to a senior position only based on an alleged sexual relationship with Brian Woodcock, a director at the council at the time.

However she denied that was the case. She said she had achieved her position on her own merit, "It takes a lot of practice and commitment to give the perfect blowjob, " she added.

The hearing continues.

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