Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Bum Deal From Leeds Metropolitan University

A woman who said she was relentlessly taunted by colleagues because of chronic flatulence has lost her discrimination claim.

The woman, who cannot be named, claimed she was subjected to cruel remarks from staff at Leeds Metropolitan University because she suffered from severe irritable bowel syndrome.

The Leeds employment tribunal heard how one colleague said: "She opens the window because she sits there and stinks the place out we shouldn't have to put up with it."

The woman claimed disability and played the race card for good measure citing racial discrimination against the university, as well as constructive dismissal.

She told the hearing colleagues would make sniffing noises and "bowel jokes" when she was in earshot and nicknamed her "The Fart Knocker."

The woman complained about being harassed and said: " A cloud hung over the office."

Disciplinary proceedings were started against her because of concerns over the quality of her work and increased sickness absences, the tribunal heard. If in doubt counter-claim.

The three-strong tribunal panel passed a motion dismissing all three of her claims.

A spokesman for Leeds Employment Tribunal said: "IBS is in no way is a serious or embarrassing condition and constant vicious jibes designed to hurt and belittle is all just a fart er sorry a part of orifice politics.

Leeds Metropolitan University should not have to put up with sick staff whose quality of work suffers due to illness and work bullying. The only thing you can smell now at the University is teen spirit and justice."

In 2006 a gay man who lost an arm in a car accident was given the nicknamed "The One Armed Bandit" and was dismissed from Leeds University for not being able to type as fast as he used to.


Anonymous said...

It appears that Leeds is packed with the progressive thinkers, now doesn't it?

Bishop Of Leeds said...

You will burn for that remark!