Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Smiley Face On Mars

The amazing image was captured by a satellite from the surface of Mars.

The latest picture comes after a satellite image last month showed a man-like figure on Mars. Now we find that the Martian is a stoner and is mocking us.

Experts say if the planet once had surface water, there was the potential to support life.

Analysis of soil showed it contained 90% silica a concentration only likely to have formed when water is present.

The far right group 'Moms Against Mars' has issued calls for the Whitehouse to carry out missile strikes on the happy face and the rock formation face that was found in the 70's.

A spokesperson for the group said: " If we allow the man on Mars to taunt us this sends out a signal to other planets that the Earth is weak and before you know it we'll be harvested for food."

Laura Bush is a member of 'MAM' so the call to arms does have some weight behind it.

Experts have not ruled out the existence of Martian bases under the planet's surface, a type 4-A missile should be able to penetrate them and show them who is boss.

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Are you sure it isnt the face of Jesus?
In a bland mood?