Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Looking Good For Jesus

In Singapore a range of products with the tagline "Looking Good and feeling Good for Jesus" has been pulled from stores after some Roman Catholics complained the items were disrespectful.

Promising to "Redeem your reputation and more," the product line included items like a "virtuous vanilla"-flavored lip balm "Get Tight with Christ" hand and body cream, John the Baptist bag balm and "In the Priesthood lubricating gel" as well as bags, cock rings and other items sold by British retailer Topshop and produced by Blue Q.

Wing Tai Retail, which manages Topshop in the city-state, removed the range late last month after receiving complaints and threats of legal action .

"These products trivialize Jesus Christ and Christianity,"
said Arthur Roache Coadjutor Bishop of Leeds, one of the complainants. "There are also sexual innuendoes in the messages and the way Jesus is portrayed in these products I love Jesus but I'm not 'in' love with him. I love Roger the Altar boy."

On the packaging of one of the products, Jesus, wearing a bright white robe, looks heavenward while a blonde, heavily made up Jezebel of a woman with an arm draped across his shoulder gazes dreamily at his face.

"Why would anyone use religious figures to promote such products? It's very disrespectful and distasteful," commented 24-year-old accountant Grace Ong, also Catholic, " Though I must say the Mary Magdalene angel head vibrator is number one and I have loved it long time."

TV commercials that say: "Only the beautiful people get into Heaven" and Satan saying, "Thats hot" have also been pulled.

An unnamed Wing Tai Retail spokesman apologized for offending the Christian community, but said: "maybe they should lighten up and stop over acting like crazy Muslims, next they'll be burning flags."

Wing Tai Retail officials could not be reached for comment because the company's office was closed for the Lunar New Year holiday.



"In the Priesthood lubricating gel"
well that is needed- it would have to be blessed,or rubbed with a relic for the rub of a relic.
Hey, I could get into this, a natural- what a name. "Rub of the Relic" Gel with your congregation.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts correct, BlueQ does not sell cock rings, just a fun line of products and second I own the toe bag for the beach and it's fun. I think like evrything this has gotten so out of control and it's so silly. Worry about things that are important then a fun marketing idea.

A different anonymous said...

Get your blogs right, this is humor, H U M O R. Try to get your little brain around that concept moron.