Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mummy Is In The Bath

Phoenix, Arizona a mummified body was found in a bathtub filled with dirt in an apartment that was stacked to the ceiling with garbage and human waste.

Owners of the small unit thought it had been abandoned in August, when rent stopped being paid. Six months later just to give everything more time to stew the owners leapt into action and paid other tenants in the complex to clean it out.

The cleaners began by removing garbage and boxes and buckets filled with human waste.

When they got to the bathroom , they found the bathtub filled with dirt and covered with plastic, a sheet and plywood. When they started shoveling the dirt out, they found the leg of a body and called police then asked for a pay rise.

The body was part skeleton and partly mummy, and that it had been there at least several years, it is not yet known if it has a curse on it.

"Very unusual, very bizarre," said police Sgt. Joel Tranter . "This guy was literally buried in the bathtub."

Tranter said the body may be that of a man who rented the unit in 1995 and was last seen seven years ago. He said the property owners saw a man they didn't recognize at the unit four years ago and asked him who he was.

The man identified himself as the original renter. The owners didn't push the issue because they were only interested receiving rent checks.
That man has not been seen since August, and Tranter said police are looking for him.
Autopsy results have not yet been released but the mummified body had several holes in its flesh and may have been used for sexual gratification. Police are hoping to obtain DNA from the corpse.

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