Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Podgy Posties No Longer Discriminated Against

A thin toned postal worker is mobbed by a "Postie Groupie" in Australia at the moment mail carriers are seen as sex symbols, this new weight limit rise may change that.

Australia's postal service has raised its weight limit for new recruits to attract a wider range of applicants.

The 90kg (198lb) weight limit had been introduced to allow the use of 110cc Honda motorbikes to carry a "postie" plus 40kg (88lb) of mail.

Honda and the Australia Postal service have decided the bikes could safely carry a bigger boned driver.

The service has been unable to attract enough lighter applicants as thin people don't want to work as badly as meaty wagons because fat people need more money to buy more food.

Union representative Michael Etue told OBB News that he would not make the weight limit himself and put it down to muscle weighting more than fat and that under his layer of 4 inches of fat is solid muscle.

"We're getting a lot of women riding and Asian people who are a lot lighter (than average fat Australians) but Australia Post cannot meet the demand," he said.

Honda approved the new limit after tests showed the extra weight would not have any significant effect on the stability, handling or safety of the 110cc motorcycle.

Dr Peter Medhurst of the Australian environment committee said: " Fat, Large people are destroying the Earth, look at this motorcycle case as an example. A heavy rider means more fuel consumption and more wear and tear on parts and equipment. Don't pander to fatties, make them work for it for their own and the planets good."

It was later dicovered that Dr Medhurst was bitten by a fat person when he was a child and may have some unresolved issues.

Unions are reportedly unhappy with the move.

They fear the new limit could mean workers will be unable to carry as much mail as they will have bigger lunches to carry leading to overtime work to ensure deliveries.


Dr Medhurst said...

Fat people should be made illegal.

Michael Moore said...

Some day we shall rule the world, then we shall eat it.

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Freddy said...

I shall kill you Jason.