Thursday, February 7, 2008

Natures Way Is The Key

Chris Foster was at a party having a good time, maybe too much of a good time. After being rejected by every girl at the party he started to do a strip-tease, this was when friends decided it was time to take the 18-year-old computer design student home.

Not wanting to go home Foster swallowed his 2 inch Yale door key as a form of drunken protest. His friends tried to get the key back by making him drink salt water and lick the toilet bowl but that didn't work so he ended up sleeping on an available sofa.

The next day he didn't believe it when his friends told him where his key was until he started to feel unwell.

His friend took him on the bus to the Royal Bournemouth hospital and after waiting for five hours had an x-ray and saw the outline of the key sitting in his stomach.

Foster goes on to say: " I was stunned when I first saw the key in my stomach but then couldn't stop laughing , even the doctors were sniggering. They just told me to wait for nature to take its course then sent me home."

Chris Foster the future of Great Britain.

Ben Mitchem, who accompanied Chris to the hospital, said: "The key was so obvious on the X-ray you couldn't help but laugh."

Doctor Green of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital commented: "Funny to a couple of students but not so funny to Johnny tax payer. Maybe Foster should lay off the alcohol until he learns how to handle it or learns not to swallow things like a 2 year-old and hi-jinks like this won't happen again costing the health service thousands due to drunken louts."
The key emerged 31 hours later and was rinsed off and put back on Chris's fob , saving him the £20 his landlord would have charged for a replacement.


frog ponds rock... said...

Good thing he only swallowed the key... could of been a bit like whatsisname gere and the lucky gerbil.. eeew..

richard thats it..

cheers kim

Dick Gear said...

Don't judge me people its part of my religion and the gerbils love it cos I'm sexy.

Marie said...

I can only imagine what methods he used to search for and retrieve the key. said...

I'm always losing my keys. Maybe I should be more attentive when I have discomfort?

Zoe said...

so he dug through his own poo to save 20$. what a idiot. that's even dumber than swallowing the frigin thing to begin with.....brings back my college days...