Saturday, February 9, 2008

Target Sees Red

The staff in the US Target stores usually wear a red shirt to stand out from the customers. The billion dollar retail chain tell the staff to provide their own shirts. 24-year-old Antonio McKenzie walked into a number of stores in southern Florida wearing a red polo shirt.

He helped a few customers, stacked some shelves as he made his way to the electronic section. Then after helping himself to $17-thousand worth of Apple's iPod Touch music players he just walked out unchallenged.

He was however noticed on security camera as he stood out from real employees who didn't do as much work as he did. Paul Dayton the store manager was tracking his moves on the security system as a potential employee of the month.

Customers are advised to be wary of helpful store employees especially ones carrying an armful of expensive electronics.


Marie said...

I used to work at Target, it took a long time for me to wear red again. Which is sad, because it's my color.

Fanny Hill said...

I was a stripper for years and can't stand to be naked now.