Monday, February 4, 2008

The Chinese Yen For Ratwear

In Malaysia Chinese people are buying up red underwear with mouse motifs for good luck as they prepare to usher in the Year of the Rat .

The Chinese New Year begins Thursday and is the year's biggest and most popular festival for the Chinese, who account for a quarter of Malaysia's 27 million people.

Rat or mouse designs have appeared on all decorative items such as lanterns and even in undergarments in anticipation of the good fortune the animal will bring.

In 1665 the rat wasn't considered such good luck when they spread the plague in London killing
75000 to 100000 people, a fifth of London's population .

"Red panties are supposed to bring good luck to the wearer during Chinese New Year. The panties are also popular with foreigners, especially Japanese tourists who find the mouse designs cute," said Tham a trader at a night market.

Housewife Elaine Tan, 32, told the newspaper she bought several pairs for her toddler. "It's an annual tradition for me to buy red underwear for the New Year for good luck and with good luck you don't need healthcare," she said.

Old Knudsen who used to work as a pest exterminator said: " Its true I have a lucky pair of red silk Mickey Mouse boxer shorts and I always score when I wear them."

The year of the rat from the ancient Chinese calendar is said to have influenced the Buddhist practice of inserting a gerbil or other small rodent into your rectum for good luck .

Famous Buddhist actor Richard Gere collapsed from infection last year when one gerbil put up a fight going in and scratched him. He soon recovered from his injuries unlike the gerbil.


frog ponds rock... said...

Lucky for some. Unlucky for others.

An Australian man proudly displaying the lucky ratfaced undies that his wife had bought him in honour of the new year.. Barely survived the random but vicious attack upon his privates.... local police were searching for a tortoisheshell pussy..

Talina said...

Well that is an unexpected photo... LOL... Good random info!

Veronica said...

I don't think the poor rodent stood a chance.

Also? If I was the gerbil I would have been putting up a fight as well.

animal lover said...

My butt needs a rat.