Friday, February 22, 2008

Wal-Mart Insults With Quality And Intolerance

A branch of the retailer store Wal-Mart in Utah has apologised to a Muslim woman who said she was mocked because of her face veil.

"Please don't stick me up," a cashier joked with the shopper forgetting that 95% of Muslims are without a sense of humour.
This figure comes from The Council on American-Islamic Relations if you doubt it then name 10 Muslim stand up comedians.

It was lucky that the staff member manning the exit door checking receipts didn't search under her burka to see if she had been shop lifting.

Renaldo Rodriquez, a vice president and regional general manager apologised in a signed letter and hoped that the woman blowing herself up in the car park killing 12 shopping carts was not a consequence of the comment.

"I can assure you that the associate in question was disciplined in accordance with our employment policies as a result of the situation," Rodriguez said without disclosing details though disciplinary actions are thought to include getting buried up to the waist and a stoning in the garden dept.

Rodriguez said employees at the Riverdale store would undergo "sensitivity training," specifically in the Islamic faith, Muslim culture and that of other 3rd world peoples.

At Wal-Mart headquarters in Arkansas, spokesman Philip King confirmed the letter and declined further comment but did mention his support of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and yelled "America f*** yeah."

"We applaud Wal-Mart for taking appropriate action to resolve this incident," said Yasser Abu Motrin, executive director of the council's Nevada chapter as the group doesn't have an office or training camp in Utah.

He went on to admit his surprise that minimum workers in a dead end job were not more enlightened as peace and hospitality was the Muslim way.


dai said...

They should have given the cunt a free ham with the apology.

The Troll said...

Be sort of cool if the muzzies declared jihad against the mormons and all moved to Utah.

Talina said...

"his surprise that minimum workers in a dead end job were not more enlightened as peace and hospitality was the Muslim way"

Great ending, I laughed so hard!!

Donny Osmond said...

Stay the fuck out of Utah ragheads we'll kick your ass.

warriorwoman said...

who do we hate when terrorism is a thing of the past? who do we target after the hate affair with the muslim faith comes to an end?
who's next???

Vladimir Putin said...


Aladdin said...

I will convert you all at the point of a sword and then I shall sing.

Zoe said...

wow. some angry retorts there. i just found it amusing a cashier would even notice the head gear since last time i was in walmart she couldn't figure out how to ring up apples...because she didn't know they were a fruit!