Tuesday, February 26, 2008

California UFO Makes Headlines

OBB News may have broke the story but at least one local newspaper has picked up on it.
The UFO that appeared in the Riverside area of California on Friday 22nd Feb was photographed from a different vantage point further away from the one I have posted below.

Frank Bowles, 54, of Victorville witnessed the UFO and said: " I had just gotten out of my truck when sometime moving caught my eye. I said to my wife, ' hey honey look at the sun' she looked kinda puzzled and said ' that's not the sun the suns over there, quick get your camera phone.' I fumbled for my phone and managed to snap off a picture before the thing took off.

It was pulsating with a sorta orange glow then shot off upwards diagonally north. I don't think it was a meteor or any plane we have and at least 10 other people were standing around watching it with us so I know me and the wife aren't crazy."


nesbittplac7 said...

You're like making our day today - twice.

Can you tell me which paper it was that picked up the other sighting? Thanks again.

Alien Casebook

Zoe said...

damn. now i know i'm an idiot. a 54 yr old man can work his camera phone and i can't. wtf?

Brad Stitt said...

I totally saw that picture in the Press Enterprise yesterday what a rush I must of just missed it.

John Sage said...

You'd have to be pretty stupid to believe in this stuff. Its the light reflecting off a plane I see it all the time.

Alien Surfer said...


I like totally deny that I flew my Pre-Invasion Scout Craft close enough to be like photographed and stuff. Totally.

Commander Zorg

Marie said...

My brother live sin Riverside, but he and his wife were traveling in China last week. Figures!

Anonymous said...

I saw this exact same ufo in person about a week or two ago. i'm in orange county, ca.

Anonymous said...

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