Monday, February 18, 2008

A Charity Without Hope And Faith

Northern Ireland woman Marilyn Giboney found out she had been dismissed from her job after checking her voicemail on her mobile phone while in hospital.

The charity 'Victim Support Northern Ireland' learnt that charity begins at home and was ordered to pay the branch manager almost £17,000 after a tribunal ruled her sacking was unfair.

It also had to pay out £16,103 to another branch manager Brenda Faulkner.
She was dismissed after she also allegedly failed to keep an appointment with an uncharitable charity boss.

Mrs Giboney, told OBB News "We were committed to providing a service to victims in our areas and just look what happened to us."

"I spent five years servicing the needs of my bosses and victims of crime, and then I got a message on my voicemail to say that I was sacked for attending an appointment with the doctor, maybe having a green discard leaking from my vagina wasn't a priority to them but it was to me . "

"It's time the public knew what this organisation, which is trying to help victims, is doing to its employees."

"I was at the hospital when I heard the message," she said.
"I couldn't believe it. Before the shock set in I laughed. I didn't think a company could do that."

"But then I realised it was real. I went into work and I noticed my colleagues were distressed. The next thing I knew a temporary member of staff came to the door and handed me a letter in front of everyone. "

"When I got home that night, I listened to the message again a few times. I still couldn't believe it.
Then the next morning I got a recorded delivery, sacking me again, then I received an e-mail, a carrier pigeon with a note around its leg and a billboard set up outside my home all dismissing me , I even got a text message that read, U R Fired " she said.

Mrs Faulkner, a former manager at the Lisburn branch in County Antrim, was sacked by Victim Support on the eve of her 50th birthday.

"I had the most miserable 50th birthday I could have had," she told OBB News.

"I didn't go to a meeting and I was accused of illegal strike action. A letter was sent by singing clown to my place of work, dismissing me. I was absolutely devastated but the clown was a good singer."

"I didn't think something like that could happen in this day and age. It was so absurd I really thought I would be reinstated within the next few days."

Victim Support said it was " disappointed but also pleased with the outcome".

"It is always unfortunate when these situations arise but this is a charity not a free for all ," said a spokeswoman. "

"Our focus remains upon continuing to improve the service we provide for victims of crime and witnesses, on the plus side we did help these two unemployed victims by giving them thousands of pounds, yay us."


frog ponds rock... said...

Well at least the clown could carry a tune...

Anonymous said...

If I thought I could get a settlement for getting fired - I'd tell ass boss what I really think of him.


The Mailman said...

No one dares to fire me cos i got guns.

Anonymous said...

In this day and age of human rights i don think its possible to be sacked via voicemail and by victim support. Pull their funding that would stop them doing this to people

voice of the people said...

Pull their funding and the CEO's will have to drive Kia's instead of Mercs.

Anonymous said...

This CEO drives a mini too many claims to pay out cant afford a merc.

A victim of his own success said...

The only support they could afford to give me was a truss.