Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who Ya Gonna Call ? Easington Council!

Easington Council employed medium Suzanne Hadwin to rid a County Durham home of a "poltergeist" after tenant Sabrina Fallon reported paranormal activity including moving objects.

Miss Fallon had even called police after hearing bangs which terrified her children Shannon, nine, and Amie, one.

The banging continued especially when she locked Shannon in a cupboard and doors began slamming in her face mainly on windy days with the windows open. " It be a ghost" said Miss Fallon, "It be big black and hairy and I be a feared of it."

Andrew Burnip, the council's homelessness and housing advice manager, said the family had been left "traumatised" and £60 for the psychic's fee was the most cost effective solution and better than repairing drafts and exterminating rats.

The council considered re-housing the family in temporary accommodation but this would have cost up to £40 per night and medication was even more expensive.

Miss Fallon said: "It all started before Christmas. We were away and my sister's husband had the keys."

"He let himself in one night to look through my underwear drawer and heard whispering and banging from upstairs. He shouted out: 'You better get out or I'm calling the police."

"He said my dressing gown then came floating down the stairs and landed at his feet and a pair of my silk panties appeared in his pocket ."

"He ran out and rang me crying like a girl saying something awful had happened I thought he was drunk,but no he was just high, when we came back we heard the bangs and whispering.

It was like it was inside the walls, I could hear, ' oh yeah do it baby, daddy likes that' and I was sore afraid."

Psychic Suzanne Hadwin, 35, was paid by Easington District Council to exorcise a poltergeist from the family home. She cut her usual over inflated exorcism fee of £300 to £120. Easington District Council gave £60 to help pay for it.

Suzanne said: "Sabrina rang me two days before Christmas telling me she had lots of problems in her house."

When I spoke to her I realised there was a very bad spirit in the house its called cheap vodka, there had been a murder there and wondered where the father of the children was."

"I went into the house and there was a horrible atmosphere and the decor was horrendous too," she said.

"I could feel the entity around all the time. He was bombarding the house and the whole family they were terrified."

"I put down a circle of salt, asked the family to be present and I have now sent him on his way."

A spokesman for the Council, said: "This is the first time we have had to take such action. However, the tenants were pleased with the outcome."

Anyone who has ever seen a poltergeist film knows they are attracted to young children. The Paranormal Society Of Great Britain suggests putting your children up for adoption before hiring an expensive ghostbuster as that may also solve the problem.

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