Friday, February 15, 2008

Roman Ghost Soldier Captured On Film

George Gunn, 75, said he captured pictures of a ghostly apparition while out walking along a footpath in Outwood, West Yorkshire.

A member of Outwood Community Video Club Mr Gunn said he thought the figure looked like that of a Roman soldier.

He said he had heard tales of ghosts being seen in the area but never believed in them.

The apparition appears to be still in the footage, but fades momentarily as two people jog through it. Mr Gunn likes to film joggers as they bounce along and did not notice the figure until he reviewed his film later in the day.

Mr Gunn said: "I've had the camera for quite a while now and I have never had any problems with lighting or sun glare or anything like that."

"There is something peculiar about it."

Mike Hooley, who is also a member of the video club, said: "When I saw the film I was quite amazed really, the jogger on the left was a well built lass and wasn't wearing a bra ."

When asked by an interviewer on local television as to why the ghostly figure isn't moving Mr Gunn replied, "well hes dead you see."

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