Thursday, February 28, 2008

Farmer Caught With Illegal Potato

Northern Ireland farmer Joseph Kelly of Kells, pleaded guilty at Ballymena Magistrates Court .

He was charged under the Plant Health Order 2006 with illegally planting potatoes which are not permitted for use as seed.

Mr Kelly received a two year conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £49 costs.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development inspects potato crops throughout Northern Ireland to make sure regulations on the planting of seed potatoes are followed.

A spokesman for the dept said:" Evil criminals like Kelly should be strung up for their crimes against potatoes. Its people like him who cook new potatoes as chips (French fries) scum like him disgust me."


Conan Drumm said...

I'm concerned about this "conditional discharge". I hope it's limited to Northern Ireland, like Blue Tongue.

Major Payne said...

After serving in Northern Ireland I got an honourable discharge must have caught it off the paddys.

Brad Stitt said...

Ireland is a funny place. I'm part Irish, my ancestors came from Leeds.