Saturday, February 16, 2008

Excellent The Engine Is Flooded

The sQuba, designed by Rinspeed Inc. of Switzerland, gives you that sinking feeling when you drive it, the car can go to about 30 feet underwater.
An integrated tank of compressed air enables passengers to continue breathing when submerged, previous tests have shown that both drivers and passengers can drive for longer underwater when supplied with air.
The sQuba was designed as a convertible to let passengers escape in an emergency and so they could feel the water in their hair.

The car is powered by a several electric motors, one propelling the car on land and two others driving the screw underwater, manufacturers have stated that mixing electricity and water is not only safe but fun too .
The sQuba tops out at only 77 mph on land, but comes nowhere near that speed on the water, just 1.8 mph submerged, just fast enough to get into trouble at sea.

Only one of the catchy named sQubas exist so far, and would only cost $1.5 million to build, though for that price you can buy a mini- sub and stay dry.
During the testing of the sQuba a shark got a little too inquisitive but the test driver Hans Gruber was able to send it on its way with a firm punch on the snout, a hand book for underwater troubleshooting is supplied.

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