Thursday, February 14, 2008

How To Keep your Love Alive

Britain's longest living married couple are celebrating their 80th Valentine's Day, they say a kiss every night and a jolly good buggering is the secret of keeping love alive.

Frank and Anita Milford met in 1926 and married two years later. They live together in a care home in Plymouth.

Frank, who was 100 at the end of January, said: "We don't go in for big Valentine's Day gestures, being in love is something you do every day whether you want to or not , thank God for Viagra."
"Waking up to the same tired old face beside you everyday for 80 years is great, I pity those who sleep with a different person every night exploring new heights of sexual excitement every time."

Anita, who is 98, says they still have little disagreements on a daily basis like when Frank eyes up the young 80 year-olds.
She said: "Not big rows, just the odd cross word and then the angry make up sex. As far as I'm concerned, it's healthy."

Married at Torpoint in Cornwall, they lived in a three-bedroomed bungalow in Plymouth for over 70 years before they decided to move into their care home in 2005 and become swingers.

Frank said: "To win over your sweetheart you need a dose of old-fashioned chivalry, don't let her catch you with other women, lots of alcohol and don't let your standards slip.

"We do everything together even after nearly 80 years, sometimes with other couples."

"We really just couldn't be bothered to get divorced so we live in ignorant bliss and denial, It's our golden rule." Anita said.

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Who knew you were such a romantic?

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What a hot couple