Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Claims Of Condoleezza Mind Power Blows Minds

It has been claimed by many White house staffers that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has amazing mind powers that can make a person's head explode.

Former White House spokesman Scott McClellan said , " Rice is more deadly than Cheney the soul stealer because she tends to grow bored more easier and will explode an intern's head for fun if the mood takes her. Don't be fooled by her sexy exterior that woman is a demon in human form."

A protester for the extremist feminist group "Codepink" recently soon found out the power of Condoleezza's "stink eye" when she entered the Secretary of State's killing zone.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson denounced such claims as "The utmost lunacy" and added, Ms Rice is one of the most compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent and wonderful people he has had the privilege to work with and is in no way shape or form a demon with evil mind powers."

He also begged us to ensure that Ms Rice got a copy of his statement and that he loved his family very much.


witchypoo said...

What's the opposite of stinkeye? Beause she turned it on one of our cabinet ministers hereabouts, and he was smitten.

warriorwoman said...

nasty nasty Rice. roll her into sushi and feed her to the chinese.

Zoe said...

did i read that exterior??? ummm yeah.