Friday, March 14, 2008

A Rush Of Blood To The Head Cancels Date

Manuel Uribe once weighed 1,235 pounds, but he's managed to slim down by losing about 440 pounds. He is shown celebrating with champagne in March 2007, when he was able to leave his home for the first time in five years. A year later, Uribe was ready to go out on a date, but it didn't work out the way he planned.

Uribe was moved on his bed onto a flatbed truck in Monterrey, Mexico. He had planned to take his girlfriend on a picnic to celebrate her 61st birthday. But when the excitement made Uribe's blood pressure drop dramatically as he had gone out with one in the chamber which caused an erection letting him see his penis for the first time in years. Doctors advised him to cancel the outing.

Uribe, says he is still losing weight as he doesn't want to die a virgin, he still intends to take his girlfriend out to celebrate. They will try again on June 11, his 43rd birthday.


Zoe said...

wow. if he could see his penis under that huge belly..i thinki may want his phone number

David Copperfield said...

Its all done with mirrors.