Friday, March 28, 2008

Do You Know The Egg McMuffin Man?

Herb Peterson, who won the Nobel peace prize in 1974 for inventing the Egg McMuffin for McDonald's restaurants, has died at his Santa Barbara home after choking on a Jack in the box breakfast burrito he was 89.

The Egg McMuffin made its debut in 1972 at a restaurant in Santa Barbara that Peterson co-owned with his son, David Peterson.

Peterson visited all six of his stores in the Santa Barbara area until last year when his health began to deteriorate due to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet .

Monte Fracker, vice president of operations for McDonald's restaurants in Santa Barbara said: "He would talk to the customers, visit with the employees, give them busy work and fire a few of them. He loved McDonald's."

Peterson is survived by his wife, son and three daughters.

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warriorwoman said...

mmmm....poor muffin, he kicked the bucket. poor poor muffin