Sunday, March 30, 2008

UFO Fake Gets Too Much Coverage

In 2007 pictures of what is known as the “California Drone” were published on the Internet. This picture was taken by someone named Raji in Capitola, California who closed his e-mail account and vanished soon afterwards.

I guess if you are going to post fakes on the Internet you should have the guts to stand by them as I have my two UFO stories from this year show.

UFO seen by crowd

California UFO makes headlines

OBB News is disgusted at such a blatant fake . It looks as if someone took parts of one of the experimental US unmanned drones from the 1980's and put extra bits onto it.

UFOologists are usually intelligent ex Trekkies from the science community and not idiots to have their valuable time of playing World of Warcraft in their parents basement wasted on such hoaxes.

Please people we here at OBB News ask you not to believe everything you read on the Internet as it is full tricksters and agents of disinformation.
It makes you wonder why this is coming out now into the mainstream after 10 months.


Warlockman said...

Fake piece of shit I've seen ufos

frog ponds rock... said...

Well that certainly didn't look anything like the UFO that I might possibly have glimpsed on a lonely road, in the outback.. near fox brook.. mmm...

Captain Picard said...

I'll pay money for those stories because I believe they are here.