Friday, March 14, 2008

Ku Klux Klan Suffers Discrimination

The Redneck Shop is the only shop you need to buy your racist paraphernalia for that special someone . The store in Laurens, South Carolina, sells KKK robes, T-shirts with racial slurs and distributes white supremacist literature.
The man who owns the building the Redneck Shop is housed in is the Reverend David Kennedy a black civil rights activist.

The reverend wants to convert the old movie theater that houses the Redneck Shop into the home for his New Beginnings Missionary Baptist Church, which currently meets in a double-wide trailer and wants the KKK shop out.
A clause in the building's legal documents entitles Redneck Shop owner John Howard to operate his business in the building until he dies. We will keep you up-dated on any developments with that.

Old Knudsen who knew a black fella once said: " This is Martin Luther King JR's dream of races coexisting, its a pity the Rev Kennedy can't be more tolerant."


witchypoo said...

Now there is supreme irony, or could it be stupidity on the part of the Rev?

Zoe said...

hmm. i would imagine the good rev might know someone to bring that death clause to a quick end

Rodney King said...

Why can't we all just get a bong?