Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mythical Giant Worm Found Under California Streets

Mysterious holes have been appearing all over sidewalks in Southern California. The holes extent for metres below the surface and interconnect. Drainage systems and underground cables have been damaged as if chewed through.

The Californian department of Highway safety along with the department of wildlife have been looking into the holes and even set up motion detection cameras at some of the entrances. After 3 weeks the culprit was caught on camera.

The creature is a south Asian bore worm and until now only existed on the border of Zoology and Cryptozoology with
inconclusive evidence of them actually being real.

Scott Barr of the California dept of wildlife said: " I've never seen anything in my life that could chew through cement like that. Not much is known about the bore worm or how it got here but going by the amount of holes we've investigated I'd bet theres a whole colony of them underground."

Eradication or conservation is now the issue for the bore worms future.
The Asian bore worm lives off garden debris and is an opportunistic feeder that will also life off grubs baby mammals like gophers and will happily munch on carrion.
They are brown or reddish in colour and can grow up to 12 metres in length. Their three steel like teeth have been known to chew through 8 inches of concrete.

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