Saturday, March 15, 2008

They Arrested The Thong Man

A postman from Dorset, England was caught wearing stolen women's underwear after his bosses became suspicious that packages were going missing, a court heard.

Matthew Furness, 35, from Weymouth, admitted two charges of stealing postal packages belonging to Royal Mail, on 1 October and 6 December last year.

Furness was caught wearing a woman's thong taken from a parcel, after a sting operation by officials.

Weymouth Magistrates' Court heard how items were placed into his postbag with the wrong address, as part of a sting operation carried out by postal chiefs.

He was then caught on CCTV hiding the addresses on packages and keeping them for himself.

He denied stealing, saying he was being "stitched up", when he was first confronted and items were discovered in his jacket pocket.

The court heard when Furness was asked to strip by police looking for the missing underwear, he was found to be wearing the thong which he denied even existed. Several bras and DVD's have not been recovered

Ian Brazier, defending, told the court that Furness was an "opportunist" rather than a sophisticated thief and that he was undergoing counselling.


frog ponds rock... said...

Well this is a good opportunity to tell you that you have another award... YAY!!!!

Zoe said...

hmmm. it must be a tiny package he has to fit it in a thong.

Postman Pat said...

Only a confident male would wear a thong like that.

Mr Angry said...

Knudsen should be closed down not given awards.