Thursday, March 6, 2008

Israeli Backpackers Taste Like Chicken

Novon Mashiah a 27 year-old Israeli backpacker was visiting the aptly named South Alligator River in Northern Territory, Australia.

Spotting a 12 ft crocodile heading towards him he thought it might be the perfect picture opportunity and so waved a piece of fish at it while smiling for the camera.

The creature must of been Jewish as it decided it wanted kosher and launched itself at Mr Mashiah.

The tourist was just a little startled at this development and leapt at great speed to the far side of his small fishing boat.

His friend on another boat caught the pictures of his lucky escape and his total embarrassment.

"I saw this crocodile and thought I'd tease it a bit with a small piece of bait, just to get it in quite close to me for the picture," he said.

"I was playing around, pointing at it, laughing when it suddenly jumped up at me. I didn't realise crocs were so aggressive as they look so cute and cuddly."

Australians writing to the local paper used their down to earth Aussie wit to comment on his antics.

"What the bloody hell did you expect? That the croc would jump up, put his arm around your neck and smile for the camera?" said one.

Another wrote: "What a dimwit. Considering you still have both hands, use one of them to slap yourself!"

Next week Mr Mashiah plans to snorkel in shark bay and hopes to get a picture of himself swimming with the notoriously friendly Great Whites.


warriorwoman said...

seems not all the natives are friendly in Australia.
hope the guy had better luck making friends at the pub.

The Troll said...

Biblical references to "Behometh" and "Leviathan" can be translated correctly as "Hippopotamous" and "Crocodile".

crocodile aberdeen said...

looks like a nice pair of boots to me, the croc too.

Brad Stitt said...

Do they not have crocodiles in the river nile in Israel?

frog ponds rock... said...

If he was startled by the croc' he better not wave a gum leaf at the koalas....

Anonymous said...

Hey! Give the bloke a go, and I thought Israel was a dangerous place!