Thursday, March 27, 2008

George Bush Announces Something

US president George Bush appeared on the USS Deathstar
under a banner that read, 'Close Enough For Government Work' on Wednesday to announce that the wars of terror in Afghanistan and Iraq have been an overwhelming success.

According to the 3 Iraqi people they spoke to who now live in Sweden they feel 100% more safe than they did 5 years ago and now have running water and healthcare, things they didn't have under Saddam.

George Bush went on to say: " Its not the winning that matters its the taking part that counts and I believe we took part.
When we invaded Iran and toppled Saddam and destroyed the mythical weapons of most destruction we did a whole heck of good."

When asked about the soldiers still fighting and dying in those wars he said: " You have my word that if we don't falter and stay the course then the etholagisms will render themselves safe."

OBB News believes the president is prone to make up words.

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Hyphen Mama said...

Awe come on... nuc-u-lar is TOTALLY a word. It just has nothing to do with nuclear. He was just drunk in English class.