Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Women Get More Kebab Than They Had Expected

In east Belfast Northern Ireland, Abdelatif Rezk, 26, admitted indecently exposing himself to three women and has been sentenced to prison.

The offences at the women's homes between July 2005 and January 2006. He arrived in Northern Ireland from Egypt in 2004.

One woman told police she recognised him as she is fond of a tasty kebab also it was the same man who served food to her and a friend at a kebab shop just 30 minutes beforehand.

He admitted three charges of indecent exposure and one of attempted exposure and not washing his hands while cooking.

The court heard the first incident happened at a 28-year-old woman's home at about 5am on 25 July 2005.
She heard tapping on the living room window and when she looked out she saw the accused with his trousers open fondling himself.

After a while the woman called for her husband and Rezk fled but he was identified by a DNA sample. The couple had just had their windows cleaned the day before.

A month later, a 26-year old woman heard a bang on the bedroom window of her east Belfast home at about 3am.
She looked outside and saw a man standing with his jeans undone working like a sailor.

She later told police not only had he served himself in her garden but had served her and her friend food a short time earlier. She referred to him as the 'Kebab man.'

On 24 September, a 28-year old woman heard a knock on her living room window at about 6.20am. She had got up with her husband as he left for work, when she was confronted by a man who had his hand on his groin.

She didn't think too much of it as it was east Belfast but as he was dark looking she called the police incase he was a Muslim terrorist.

In the last incident at about 5.15am on 21 January 2006, a woman in her 40s was sitting in her living room watching television.

She noticed car headlights and saw a man walking around outside her house. He stopped in front of her window where he undid his jeans.

The prosecution lawyer said the "shocked and distressed" woman called all her friends, wrote a blog post about it then called the PSNI .

After giving a description of the man and his penis, police called at a house on the Holywood Road in Belfast where Rezk had been staying with his wife and young daughter.

A defence barrister said the accused's wife was "standing by her husband". He also said his client has already served a lengthy period on remand for the charges.

Jailing Rezk, the judge said: "It must have been a matter of great concern to all of these ladies to find themselves with a stranger outside their home in hours of darkness carrying out such an act.

This is Northern Ireland not Egypt we are civilised here, maybe you can learn how to knee-cap and make petrol bombs in prison."

He was given concurrent 16-month sentences for each of the three exposure charges with a concurrent 12-month sentence imposed for the attempted exposure.


witchypoo said...

Kebab are they? Hereabouts we call them donairs. Yummy. But now I will worry about the server having washed his hands.

Marie said...

I can't believe she called her friends BEFORE writing a blog post. Where are her priorities? Honestly!

warriorwoman said...

I wonder if he put a little 'extra' into that kebab.

I don't eat kebabs

MJ said...

Fenian KebabSucking.

Ron Jeremy said...

I like kebabs;)