Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Robbie Williams Searches For Aliens

British pop singer Robbie Williams has become obsessed with extra terrestrials that he is planning to buy an observatory in Arizona for 2.5million pounds, pretty good considering the pound sterling is worth twice the amount of the US dollar .

The singer who has had hits with the songs Angels, Millennium and many more has been visiting the National Optical Astronomy Observatories in Tucson, Arizona, to peer through the telescopes looking into space.

"Some of Robbie’s acquaintances in LA have been having a chuckle at his expense," The British gutter press Sun news tabloid quoted a source, as saying.

“He is leading a bizarre existence at the moment vanishing into the desert to look at stars in far-flung galaxies. He is dead set on buying himself his own observatory in the desert. He is hooked on all things from outer space and has all the X-Files on DVD,” the source added.

Williams had earlier confessed that he had experienced three dramatic sightings of UFOs in LA and his desire to hang up his mic to study aliens after his ET experiences and his recent musical flops have helped him to decide.

He said: “I’m stopping being a pop star. I’m going to be a ufologist.”

Old Knudsen who has had many unexplained encounters in his time said: " The lad is a young rich star who has probably had enough of c**ts ' having a chuckle at his expense' if more people were curious about things past their own nose the world would be a better place besides the desert is a beautiful place and the best place to see stars without light pollution, lets just hope he doesn't end up in the 4th dimension with Steve Fossett."


warriorwoman said...

I saw Steve just this past week, spent 4 days with him. He'll be much more cheered now that Robie can sing him a song in person.

It's all good, just don't piss off the Grey's

Steve Fossett said...

The more the merrier.