Friday, March 7, 2008

Breaking And Entering Bust Did Not Hold Up

Serena Kozakura, a Japanese model, has probably got her way numerous times based on the size of her breasts, but this has to be the first time they have ever helped her overturn a court ruling.
Serena, 38 years old, was charged and found guilty of breaking into a man’s apartment by kicking in a hole in his door and crawling through it because he was with another woman.
The bikini model was cleared of all charges after the defense council held up a plate showing the size of the hole that Serena was accused of kicking in.
It was clear that the hole in the door was not large enough for the 44-inch bust model to squeeze through. He insisted that the judge studied the plate and the breasts close up and in detail.
“I used to hate my body so much, but it was my breasts that won in court”, Serena said.
Judge Kunio Harad of the Tokyo High Court threw out the guilty verdict, saying there was reasonable doubt over the man’s story and what was he thinking cheating on a woman with a chest like that?
This reporter finds Ms Kozakura guilty of first degree hotness.


warriorwoman said...

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Brad Stitt said...

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