Saturday, March 1, 2008

Steve Fossett Is Alive And Living In The Fourth Dimension

A friend of missing millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett who wishes to remain anonymous has revealed the location of Fossett who has just been recently pronounced death. Mr Fossett is alive and well.

During his flights over the Nevada desert Steve Fossett discovered a path to the fourth dimension. Our OBB dimension expert says," The 4th dimension has to do with the space-time continuum so he could be anywhere or anywhen."

The mysterious friend only named 'M ' met Steve through a charity he works for. They became friends and kept in touch on a regular basis.

In a phone message left on his answering machine Steve mentioned he had made “a great discovery that would change the world” and that he would try to arrange for 'M' to come visit him in the next few weeks to witness it.

During a phone call just days before he disappeared he told 'M' the story.

He said that he had spotted a mysterious white circular light shape on the ground during one of his reconnaissance flights around the area that he had never noticed that light before.

He went back home without investigating but kept thinking about the light and where it could be coming from, since it was in a deserted region.

He went back a few days later to investigate, but the light had somehow moved about a quarter mile up north. He landed his plane to get a closer look.

Almost as if the light had felt him approaching, it instantly moved to a nearby hill.
He said he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him and he tried to call home to tell his wife Peggy. But his phone mysteriously had died due to mysteriously forgetting to re-charge it.

As he approached, he could see that the light was in fact a large “hole”, and there were several blue-ish humanoids moving inside.

Nobody seemed to notice him as he walked closer, and he was beginning to see what was like a whole new society in there, half-underground, half-exposed to sun light, right there in the middle of the desert there was even a Starbucks.

He went back several times over the course of the next couple days, and each time the “white hole” had moved.

He took UFO experts to view the hole but they were at as much as a loss and unwilling to venture into the hole as he was so others do know about it.

He insisted that 'M' should come visit him and he’d take him but that was the last he heard of Steve Fossett.

Peggy Fossett had spent the evening with some friends at home and her friends left early. She sat in the living room to watch Jackass on television for a while, and feel asleep on the couch.

She woke up some time later, and went upstairs to brush her teeth in the bathroom to go to bed. It was while she was brushing her teeth with the bathroom door open and Steve appeared.

It was like he had normally walked up to the door.
Peggy was in absolute shock. She hadn’t heard him coming.
She said he wasn’t like a ghost or anything weird, he looked rather normal, except that he was wearing a white shirt with a strange collar she’d never seen and white pants. Very tacky 70's sci-fi movie type clothes.

He said in his normal voice that he didn’t want to wake her downstairs. He told her not to be afraid or mad. During this whole time he stood a few feet away and never got closer.He said he had been in a whole new place where money and war didn’t exist. (Millionaires like money)
He calmly said that they should stop looking for him, that they would never find him or his plane. He told her that he loved her dearly and that he couldn’t explain, but that we would all know in due time.
He asked her to be patient and trust him. He said that he had come just so she could find closure, and know that they will be together again soon.
He asked her not to tell anyone about this, that he would explain everything to the whole world in due time, and he left, just as quietly as he had arrived.
Nothing had been moved in the house and the only proof she had of this visit were some foot prints on the carpet upstairs. She then got on the phone and told everyone she knew.
As the old joke goes the fastest forms of communication are, Telegraph, Telephone and Tell a woman. We at OBB News find that joke in poor taste and not in the least bit amusing.

OBB News has recently discovered that the 'Fourth dimension' is a brothel in Nevada for swinging couples who enjoy the 70's disco scene.
To tie in, 'M' he had a one hit wonder in 1979 with the song 'Pop Muzik.'
Not much gets past OBB News Number one for being right, even when we're wrong.


Lord Lucan said...

I told the fools not to let Fosset in..

Bill Gates said...

No money? whats the point of that?

Zoe said...

do you think bluish could be related to viagra use? maybe it's a giant sex cult. viagra and starbucks...hmmm.

Brad Stitt said...

How did he get his plane in? this sounds like crazy talk.

Brad Stitt said...

But I totally believe it dude.

warriorwoman said...

holy cow you scared me, right up until I read where they had Starbucks.
Everything is ok now.
But don't scare me like that anymore.

Anonymous said...

I read this story on another blog. The fact that other UFO researchers were invited to view the "hole" is significant as it means there are witnesses. The story didn't mention Starbucks though--did you put that in to be funny? "Debunkers" of UFO and extraterrestrial sightings use ridicule in this way even when the witnesses are scientists, airline pilots, etc. It's an old tactic by the powers that be.

crazy UFO dude said...

Knudsen I suspect you are using humor on your blog to make fun of stupid or crazy people. I will get you and boil your bunny. There are unknown witnesses to this story just as there were to the Loch ness monster are you going to say that was faked?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see that Bramson is releasing a cartoon in nov 08 re:dimension traveler

Anonymous said...

this one too,,,

Priapism said...

Maybe it has to do with area 51. Maybe he saw something he shouldn't have and they either killed him or are keeping him hostage on the airbase.

Anonymous said...

soooo false, there is no such thing as Area 51, this is just some other writer for the Tabloids looking to get some money

Anonymous said...

It seems the whole was to hard. The plane have been found brother. Sadly a great men had died.


Anonymous said...

Udder BS