Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bodybuilder Declared Unsafe

Uk body builder Ronnie Cutler, 42, has developed some rare side effects after having used Anabolic Steroids and prohormones in combination with weight training and diet to maximise muscle hypertrophy in the sport of competitive bodybuilding.

Cutler has done permanent damage to his body and has had to pull out of competition indefinitely. One side of his body is extremely toned and muscular and the other side is that of a six stone weakling.

Other side effects have been testicular atrophy, impotency and worse of all male pattern baldness. His estranged wife Sheila would at first only look and talk to the muscular half of Mr Cutler and always made sure to be on his right side or good side.
Cutler also suffered from severe mood swings and would throw violent tantrums from his right side while his left side stayed still and when his right side stayed still his left side would be reasonable and articulate.

Lonnie Lowery, Ph.D and author of "Testosterone Nation - The Warrior Nerd" said: " Ronnie Cutler is indeed a cautionary tale, he is now two halves of two very different people trapped in the same body.
The only option for him is the chat show circuit which is the modern day version of the Freak show ."

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