Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fashion Police Show They Are Not Skidding

Towns around America have started turning the real police into the fashion police, and arresting kids who let their trousers hang around their thighs exposing their underwear.

A 20-year-old business student Frances Leger at Florida State University had been banned from a local mall for letting his Snoopy underwear hang out. When Leger decided to ignore the ban, deputies came to arrest him. Like every typical American he and his family resisted and so 20 deputies, a swat team , two K9 units and a police helicopter were called in to surround the mall and arrest this malcontent.

Showing the correct height that trousers are meant to be worn at.

In South Louisiana the town of Delcambre has made sagging, baggy trousers against the law. You can be fined $500 or face 6 months in jail if your underwear is showing. A youth recently challenged this ruling as he claims he suffers from "white boy ass syndrome" and so his trousers have no other option than to sag. Braces or suspenders as they are called in the US may be medically prescribed if it appears there is such a syndrome.

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