Monday, January 21, 2008

Deformed Girl Believed To Be Deity

In the Jharkhand region of India a girl born with three eyes and two noses has been attracting hordes of people who believe her to be an incarnation of Hindu god Shiva.

The birth of the "wonder girl" created quite a stir with villagers queuing up for a glimpse of the baby with garlands and incense sticks to worship her.

"People from far-flung areas are coming for a glimpse of my daughter. Why has god played such a cruel joke with me, first by giving me a daughter but then one with such abnormal features ?" said Sukhlal Mahto, the girl’s father.

"She didn't get her looks from my side of the family" Though her two eyes appear to be normal, she has a third eye in the middle of two noses. But she has not opened her third eye yet, Shuklal said.

"Even Lord Shiva did not open his third eye regularly. Shiva opened it once to destroy someone," said Mahesh Mahto, a villager.
While another villager said that fiber was important if you were going to open your third eye or as it is called in India your "Turd eye."
"It is a case of a genetic disorder," said Manish Kumar, a general physician. "When the girl gets older she will probably have better vision and psychic abilities and also a better sense of smell than most people but she will also have double the bogies." He added.


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