Thursday, January 17, 2008

Worlds Only Blue Eyed Koala

He was named for Frank Sinatra 'Ol' Blue Eyes.' Frankie is the world's only blue-eyed koala.
Madam Zola a famous Australian medium says the Koala is the reincarnated soul of the famous singer with a message for the world.

Vets at his Dreamworld home on the Gold Coast, Australia found that apart from some reduced pigmentation has perfect vision.

Staff were shocked when they first saw Frankie, the only known Koala with blue eyes.
The local Aborigines claim Frankie to be a sacred Koala and must be the main course at a religious feast in his honour.

The nine month old Koala was the center of media attention yesterday, though it will be a couple of months before the public is allowed to view him.

The blonde blue eyed koala keeper Jason Donahue has vehemently denied being Frankie's baby daddy. The case continues.


Anonymous said...

Since I rely upon you as my only news source, I appreciate your accurate and unbiased reportage.

Denzel Washington said...

I always Google Knudsen's stories and have found them all to be true.

OBB News Head Office said...

It is official OBB News policy to offer refunds to any dissatisfied customers upon proof that any of these news stories have been fabricated provided the customer has a receipt still within the 30 days purchase validity period.

K-Fed said...

Yo, Knudsey! you are da bom! boyzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!