Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Burglarised In A New York Minute

In New York a costumed crook known as the "Ninja Bandit" may have struck again on Staten Island, James Dalton of the New York City police said.
A home burglary fits the same pattern as 18 previous jobs said to have been committed by the black-clad masked thief since May.

The thief entered the home stealthily through a sliding door and left with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.
The "Ninja Bandit" was so nicknamed after he wielded a set of nunchucks and performed some cheesy karate moves when he scuffled with a homeowner in his kitchen in September.
The homeowner was a former Cyborg from the future and managed to fight him off .

Other residents have said they too have encountered the burglar but the suspect has managed to escape each time with the cunning of a trained assassin or someone who has seen too many Ninja movies.

Police would like to see if he can really dodge bullets as that would be very cool and besides they like to shoot at things.

New York City police have also warned the public about another criminal on the loose, known as the "Arse Bandit" he preys on people in public restrooms and lonely car parks.

As the man strikes in a strong vigorous manner from behind the only description the police have is that he is athletic , well endowed and with great stamina.
Police urge the public to use the straight back and bent knee method if they drop their car keys while about to unlock their cars.

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