Friday, January 25, 2008

Police Service With A Smile

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is to issue its officers with a pamphlet called PSNI Guide to Appropriate Language.
Such colourful names such as Fenian, hun, taig and jaffa are among the terms outlawed to help them avoid causing offence.

Catholics should not be called fenians, taigs, chucks, stickys or spongers, while Protestants should not be referred to as huns, black, prods or jaffas, the booklet says.

Older members of the population, should not be called geriatric, old codgers, geezers, coffin dodgers, air wasters or say someone is "just like an aul' woman".

The Guide to Appropriate Language has various categories of words and suggests acceptable alternatives.

Religion, minority ethnic communities, gay people, women and transsexuals are among the linguistic issues covered.

When taking down a description of a suspect, gender, race, age, height and weight will not be asked for nor will the style of clothing so as not to upset those with poor dress sense.

The term 'suspect' has been changed to 'A person of interest.' Armed response teams are to be replaced with 'stern' but not too stern talking to groups and fleeing criminals will be given a head start and not be physically tackled, instead they will be asked to consider surrendering in a strong but polite manner.

Police officers are supposed to have degrees in order to join the Police Service (formerly known as the Police 'Force') but still need a pamphlet to tell them not to use racial slurs or name calling.

Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde says in his foreword that using the right language "sends an important message".

"It is essential that we take a lead in using language that does not exclude colleagues or members of the community, does not stereotype and always shows a wholehearted commitment to supporting our Equal Opportunities Policy, persons of interest deserve the same respect as those of not so much but still interesting have, " said Sir Hugh.

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