Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kickboxing Lawyer Causes Scene

An Arizona woman was arrested for causing a scene at a restaurant. 37 year-old Tammy Ray Barnes harassed customers at the restaurant and shouted profanities at the manager and refused to pay her bill.
The manager was insulted by the word 'profanities' as he was of Asian descent so he called the police.

When the police arrived she spat at one of the officers and accused him of wanting to rape her.

Barnes claimed she was a lawyer and kickboxer who had trained under Chuck Norris and could have them all fired after she gives them all "a good ass whupping."

Once inside a patrol car, she began hitting her head against the window and threatening to kill herself.

On the drive to the police station she told one of the officers, "I will come after you with a vengeance. I will come to your station. I will never let you rest. I will hunt your wife. I will hunt your kids."

Barnes, faces possible charges for aggravated assault and threatening and intimidating an officer.
It is also being investigated whether she is responsible for the blog spamming 'Old Knudsen' blogs between May and July 2007 as her threats sound very similar.

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