Sunday, January 20, 2008

Naked Rambler Steps Out Of Line Again

Stephen Gough, 48,other wise known as the Naked Rambler was allowed to walk free from court after 20 months in prison for a series of breach of the peace offences related to nudity.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court warned Gough he would be re-arrested if he failed to cover up. He was arrested six steps from the court. Gough, of Hampshire, emerged from the court wearing just a rucksack a cock ring and an untidy beard.

The trouble started during his naked walk from Land's End to John O'Groats which began in June 2005. Gough completed that trek for the second time in February 2006 which took him nine months to complete as he was arrested numerous times and held in custody.

In November last year, Gough was found guilty of committing a gross breach of the peace by walking in St Leonard's Hill in the city without clothes on.

Gough is famous for posing for the pictures in the 1984 book "The Joys Of Sex" and feels its his right to have his pasty scrawny body look at by everyone, especially young women and children.

Sheriff Maciver of the high court said that members of the public should not have to tolerate completely naked persons in full view on public streets. Especially middle-aged hippy types.
The sheriff said: "Mr Gough's position is that he is entitled and has the legal and moral right to be naked in public and the public have no reason to be concerned about his nakedness."

"He takes the view that the courts are wrong, resistance is futile".

In prison Gough, was kept in solitary confinement because he refused to wear clothes.

Less than two hours after his hearing, Gough emerged from the rear of the court building, still naked, to be met by police officers and the press.

He was arrested, and before being placed in a police van, was asked if he had any comment to make.

He said: "You have taken me by surprise. Where is the freedom?"

"Go ask the ask the Afghan people under the Taliban Mr Gough," was the reply from a young police officer.


sean said...

Not that it costs me a thought, I couldn't give a monkeys, but send him over to visit me in the frozen north, and that'll put a stop to his gallop.
I've been fool enough to get my ears frost bitten, I missed the bus and walked home 25 mins was all it took, and the pain is incredible, I don't have to imagine what getting frost bite on your dick is like, and I guarantee you wouldn't want it to happen again.

Hal Bore said...

I blame Global Warming for him being able to walk around naked.

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