Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ironage Metro Sexual Given A Make Over

Scientists at Dundee University have helped to recreate the face of a man nicknamed the Iron Age David Beckham because of evidence that he gelled his hair and was married to a singer named "Auld Spice," it is thought they had a child together
named ' Londinium ' as the word was tattooed across his shoulder blades in Ogham.

Clonycavan Man, named after the area he was found, was discovered in a peat bog in the Republic of Ireland in 2003.

His body had been tied down, tortured and slain, probably in a ritual sacrifice. He lived about 2,300 years ago.

Clonycavan Man's face has been recreated with slicked back, gelled hair and the striking pasty white good looks that Irish men are famous for.

The Ironage metro sexual used a type of Iron Age hair gel , vegetable oil mixed with semen perhaps to give the impression of height as he was only 5ft 2in tall. North Korean dictator Kim Jong IL employs the same tactics but without the semen probably.

John Hayes-Fisher the producer of the Timewatch television show that is to feature the body said:"What really shocked me while making the programme, though, was discovering the unnecessary violence with which young men were killed.

The Iron Age really was quite a brutal time that sort of thing would never happen now ."

It is thought that International product using soccer player David Beckham is actually 5 foot 11 inches tall. We will only know for sure if someone sacrifices and throws him into a bog to be discovered by peat diggers.

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