Monday, January 28, 2008

Pakistni Soldiers Out-Run Militants

For the second day in a row, Pakistani troops abandoned an army base in South Waziristan, a region along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border that is a stronghold for militants. And without a shot being fired.

One hundred frontier troops in the fort received scary phone calls and text messages with threats and rude words from militants and decided it was a better idea to bravely flee than to stay and defend themselves. They ran out shouting , "Remember the Alamo!" which made them run faster.

The fort was filled with heavy weaponry, including artillery guns , rocket propelled grenades and deadly sun-roof levers.

The evacuation came after a day in which 22 soldiers were killed by as many as 600 militants who had just overran the nearby Sararogha fort. It was the first time that militants have forcibly captured an army fort, usually their friends inside just let them in.

According to military, analysts the pro-Taliban insurgency is growing in Pakistan's tribal areas, and the Pakistani military
who have always been a joke to start with don't have the power or even the will to fight back. The Italian army are more brave. Militants have managed to stop their infighting and unite themselves under the title of Taliban Movement of Pakistan.

If this threat isn't stopped there would be more attacks
launched in Pakistan.

Old Knudsen OBB War Analyst said: " After 5 years of pumping billions of dollars into Pakistan with the only result being that the Taliban are better armed and more powerful, when will the United States realise that they are being played by the Pakistan government who are either grossly incompetent or in league with their ancient Taliban allies whom with they share a cultural bond?"

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