Friday, January 18, 2008

Metric Martyr Remains Defiant

Janet Devers,the 63 year-old who has a fruit and veg stall at Ridley Road Market in London,England, is accused of using imperial weighing scales without an official stamp and thus breaking the metric laws.

Officers from Hackney Council, seized the scales saying she failed to follow ze European Union (EU) rules.

Mrs Devers will next appear at Thames Magistrates' Court on 7th March. The trader, faces 13 charges under the Weights and Measures Act and could face 50 lashes and possible death by lethal injection.

Mrs Devers called the council's decision to prosecute was "disgusting".

She said: "I am much happier about having a jury trial because you won't get 12 people on the jury who will find me guilty."

"It's in the hands of the public, and I hope they all support me."
Ron Bobsworthy from from Hackney Borough Council said:" We need to make an example of this evil doer, she must respect our authority.
Some people have called us stupid and petty, I think we should lock up and whip those people to show them how important we are."

In September, the EU ruled the UK could use imperial measurements, such as pints and pounds, alongside metric measurements as a sign of British superiority .

Mrs Devers had her imperial weighing scales seized from her market stall earlier last year.

Leigh Thoburn, the widow of Steve Thoburn who was fined for selling bananas by the pound and died of a heart attack in 2004, was in court along with other supporters from the Metric Martyrs' Defence Fund.

Earlier this week Mrs Thoburn handed in a petition, signed by 16,000 people, to the House of Commons calling for a pardon for her husband and three others who were convicted in 2001 for weighing in Imperial.

Old Knudsen a famous Imperialist said: "The whole metric thing may sound silly but its more about a way of life than anything.
Many people have grown up using pounds and pints and the metric system is just a little too European for our liking. Let us use both if we want, as for the Council Officers from Hackney, get a real job you metric Nazis."


Hackney Council said...

We are watching you Knudsen.

Marie said...

When I was in elementary school a teacher told us it was only a matter of time before the US went metric. That was my very first panic attack. 20-some years later, we still haven't done it. Except the drug dealers of course.